Brad Stufflebeam – March 2012

Farmer Brad has been a professional organic horticulturists since 1991.  Prior to starting his farm, he owned and operated the first 100% organic nursery in Collin County Texas and specialized in herbs, native plants, perennials and antique roses.  Brad provided consultation and custom landscape design for homes and businesses throughout Collin County, developing many of the oldest historical homes in the county which are featured in numerous public tours and events.

In pursuit of the farm dream, he sold his business and Farmer Brad worked as Operations Director for World Hunger Relief in Elm Mott, Texas.  In addition to managing multiple farm enterprises including a Grade A Goat Dairy and a CSA, the farm provided a 12 month internship program designed to train others in sustainable agriculture development in the third world.

Farmer Brad is the past President of the Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc. and worked to promote the organic, local and sustainable food movement in Texas, by organizing the largest sustainable AG conference in Texas, developing Small Farm Workshops, and marketing networks for local farmers.

Farmer Brad continues to be actively involved in representing small farmers across the state and the nation by serving on the Administrative Council for Southern SARE and as a Board Member for the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. Farmer Brad is also the Brazos Valley chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  .  Farmer Brad has been featured in numerous articles and books, his enthusiasm and passion for local food has inspired others in their quest for the small family farm.

To help grow new growers locally, he offers workshops, farm tours and consulting services (when the season allows) for those interested in sustainable and organic farming.  With the proper guidance, he can help you plan and develop your farm, avoiding many costly lessons.  He is also available to speak to groups interested in promoting local food, health, homesteading, rural economy and small family farms.

You can contact Brad through his website,

Home Sweet Farm

A little about Farmer Brads farm.Home Sweet Farm Banner

Our small family farm is located off the Bluebonnet Trail in Washington County "the birth place of Texas".  These rolling hills provide the setting that the earliest pioneers admired: sufficient rainfall, diverse soils, hardwood forests, abundant wildlife, and a scenic landscape.

In 2004, with 26 members, we launched the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm serving the Greater Houston Area.  During that time we have continued to grow successfully due to the support of our community.

We grow heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs for our committed CSA farm members.  We use ONLY natural techniques (NO synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides).  We care about our environment and the quality of our food, because our family lives here, and we eat everything we grow.

We work full time as a family on our 22 acre farm and we hope that our work is an encouragement to others as we share the harvest with our community and promote small family farms everywhere.

What Others have to say about Brad & Jenny:

Brad Stufflebeam, "His goal is to introduce farming skills to generations of Americans and his enthusiasm for his life's work is contagious"  - Dr. Monty Dozier, Texas Cooperative Extension

Brad Stufflebeam, the "local food movement 'guru'"  - Tom Geddie, County Line Magazine,

"Thanks for the informative and entertaining presentation at the TOFGA workshop in Diboll.  It was awesome!"

"You are a wealth of knowledge!!!"

"Thanks Brad and Jenny. I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience, many people would keep their experience close to their chest as a competitive edge. Your enthusiasm is infectious..."

"You both (Brad & Jenny) have a great sense of humor and wonderful farm stories. I hated to see that  workshop end."

"Your presentation to our Master Gardening group today was so exciting!  Thank you again for an extremely informative and wonderful presentation.  I can assure you that our entire group shares your passions!"

"I'm one of the many folks who enjoyed and appreciated learning about your endeavor.  Your presentation was excellent and so very informative... Thank you for coming and presenting such a great idea and with such excitement.  So seldom does one come upon someone who actually enjoys what he or she does each day."

"I just wanted to thank you for your presentation today at the Farm to Market workshop.  Awesome is an overused word these days, but that's what it was."

"Thank you for giving such a stirring talk on Thursday and facilitating the lively discussion towards the end.  I spoke to many people who recognized you as one of the pioneers recovering our connection to the farm.  I was raised in the suburbs myself and over the last year have come to see myself working to localize our food system, your example is one that will repeatedly help guide my own path.  As for the future of agriculture, I see your enthusiasm and passion when delineating the difference in values and vision between "business-as-usual"/GMO/free trade track and the local/community supported/permaculture track."


Fall Harvest Picture


In this training, Brad Stufflebeam talks about running a CSA for direct marketing your product.  Brad also talks about building organic matter.  No matter what it is that you are trying to raise; grassfed beef, conventional beef, grazing livestock or farming crops, you have to improve your soils to get the most nutrition from your plants.  In this training we learn about the beginning (the soil) and the end (direct marketing), you will walk away with a new understanding and knowledge after listening to this months training with Brad Stufflebeam.  Be sure to write your questions in the comments section below for the Question and Answer later in the month.

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