Bethany Johnston

This training is a first for the Grassfed Network; for the first time we are training on a specific new tool.  If you are in pasture management, you NEED this FREE pasture monitoring app.  This training will tell you about the app, how to get it and how to use it.  Bethany Johnston grew up […]

Colin Seis on Pasture Cropping

‘Pasture Cropping’ – Grazing – Soil Carbon In this interview with Colin Seis, we talk about grazing, ‘Pasture Cropping’, soil carbon and a lot more.  Colin has been studying and implementing nontraditional cropping and grazing techniques that have benefited his land in increased soils and carbon sequestration, his livestock with year round grazing and ultimately […]

Dr. Fred Kirschenmann on Sustainability in Agriculture – July 2013

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FREDERICK L. KIRSCHENMANN Sustainability in Agriculture – Become More Profitable Today   Frederick L. Kirschenmann, a longtime national and international leader in sustainable agriculture, shares an appointment as Distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University and as President of Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, […]

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Increasing Feed Efficiency by up to 25% – June 2013

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Full-time livestock consultant Mike Wichman, of Atkinson, NE, is the founder and owner of Wick’s Livestock Nutrition. He possesses a rare set of principles, making anyone who meets him likely to utter “Wow, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!”. Which really is true. Several things set him apart from “business as normal”. His products […]

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Dr. Cindy Daley on Grass fed Beef and Organic Agriculture- April 2013

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Dr. Cindy Daley’s mission is to bring ecological farming practices into the academic setting by creating a living laboratory for students to become directly involved in organic dairy production practices. In 2007, she was involved in creating the only academically-based Organic Dairy Program (ODP) in the Western Region, a true pasture based system where students […]

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Dr. Susan Ducket on Grass fed Beef – February 2013

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Dr. Susan Ducket talks about Grass fed Beef Research and Findings on Palatibility Dr. Susan Ducket was raised on a farm in Iowa working with livestock her whole life.  After joining FFA in school she decided to make Animal Science her profession.  She received her B.S. from Iowa and her M.S. and PhD from Oklahoma […]

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Doug Peterson – December 2012

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This month we hear from Doug Peterson, Rancher and NRCS State Soil Health Conservationist in Missouri.  Doug has talked with and trained with a number of the who’s who in the grazing and soil health industry.  In this interview Doug talks about a GREAT idea for increasing grazing land available to you that may not […]

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Dr. Wayne Hanna – June 2012

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Is Tifton 85 a GMO Grass?   In this months training we talk to Dr. Wayne Hanna, Professor at the University of Georgia.  Given the recent story in my neck of the woods about Tifton 85, a bermuda grass hybrid, we talk with Dr. Hanna about the specific grass and the general overall problems that […]

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Brad Stufflebeam – March 2012

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Farmer Brad has been a professional organic horticulturists since 1991.  Prior to starting his farm, he owned and operated the first 100% organic nursery in Collin County Texas and specialized in herbs, native plants, perennials and antique roses.  Brad provided consultation and custom landscape design for homes and businesses throughout Collin County, developing many of […]

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Kathy Voth – February 2012

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In 2004, Kathy Voth invented a method for training cows to eat weeds.  She started by taking a close look at the last century of animal behavior research.  Then she took all the different pieces and translated them into an easy-to-understand process that adapts easily to any producer’s needs.  Kathy has now trained over 1000 […]

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Edward Ballard – December 2011

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Edward N. Ballard, Retired Animal Systems Educator University of Illinois Extension Edward N. Ballard, Retired Animal Systems Educator, University of Illinois Extension. B.S. Agriculture Economics, Southern Illinois University, M.S. Agricultural Extension, University of Illinois. Ed is an animal systems educator who works with producers and industry groups to enhance farm profitability and sustainability. His areas […]

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Gabe Brown – November 2011

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Gabe Brown didn’t have the traditional upbringing of most ranchers today. He grew up in Bismarck, but was interested in production agriculture at a young age. He began working for area ranchers while he was in high school and was active in FFA. Gabe says he’s living his dream and encourages young people to pursue […]

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