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Fred Provenza is originally from Colorado where he worked on a ranch near Salida while earning a B.S. Degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. Upon receiving a B.S. degree in 1973 he became ranch manager. In total, he and his wife Sue spent 7 years working on the ranch. He and Sue left […]

Our trainer for this month is Dr. Will Winter. Dr. Winter received a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University in 1975. He also received a degree in Animal Husbandry and completed post-graduate studies and conducted research in veterinary toxicology. After graduating he moved to Minnesota, specializing in surgical referrals and opened an emergency […]

This months training is conducted with Dr. Tilak Dhiman, research scientist. Dr. Dhiman has a B.S. in Animal Science, a Masters in Animal Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition. He has been studying conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) for almost 20 years and has a joint patent on “Methods of increasing the CLA content of […]

Ian Mitchell-Innes lives in the beautiful area of South Africa, KwaZulu Natal on the N 11 between Ladysmith and Newcastle. Various forms of Holistic Management have been practiced on the Ranch for the past 13 years. Ian is an HMI Certified Educator, giving talks and training in many environmentally different areas. The ranch is 6,000 […]

This months training is conducted by Dr. Allen Williams, founding partner and President of Livestock Management Consultants, LLC, a livestock industry consulting firm specializing in building natural branded food programs, facilitation of Values Based Value Chain management, and Ranch/Farm business planning. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Association of […]

In this month’s training we hear from cattleman/educator and North American Devon Association President, Gearld Fry. Gearld has studied from various people including Dr. Bonsma and Francois Guenon since the early ‘70’s to understand and teach about cattle body type and quality. Gearld has been teaching schools for producers all over the country for a […]

You will greatly enjoy learning from our trainer this month Dr. Anibal Pordomingo. Dr. Pordomingo has been studying grassfed cattle and cattle feeding practices for over 20 years. “I am originally an Agronomist but I got my graduate degrees in Animal Science so most of my work actually has to do with animal feeding, animal […]

We are very excited to bring to you Doug Gunnink. Doug is a forage expert and has done much training on the subject through his institute, Gunnink Forage Institute. He is a long time “whole farm management” consultant from Minnesota. Along with his wife, Janet, and their two sons Zach and Andy, they raise organic […]

Meet our trainer of the month Kit Pharo. In the 80’s, Kit found he needed to change the focus of Pharo Cattle Co. “My new goal was twofold. I would do whatever I could to increase production without increasing expenses, as well as doing whatever I could to reduce expenses without reducing production. I wasn’t […]

We are thrilled to bring to you Sam Wylie. Sam has been known for his expertise in the pure bred Angus breed for over 30 years. His Octoraro Angus brand is well known in the grassfed industry. Sam is an invaluable resource to not only an Angus breeding program, but for any of us trying […]