Grassfed Cattle Training – Moving on to Stage Two

I've Started - Now What?

So you found answers to your questions in the Getting Started Guide but now you have new questions. Maybe you have already started down the grassfed road but have some questions.  Now What is stage two in the training towards a profitable Grassfed Beef business that answers even more questions like:

    • Is there a more detailed explanation of grassfed beef genetics?
    • How do I raise animals holistically without the use of a lot of drugs?
    • Can I visually determine meat quality on a live animal: how?
    • I now know basically how to handle animals.  How do I properly graze cattle?
    • Why not just follow the conventional method of raising animals?
    • I need even more on building soils and rejuvenating the land, is there more?
    • How do I insure that I am not only sustainable but also profitable?
    • My pastures are not in the best shape/the land I am going to lease is not in the best shape, how can I start now and utilize what is there?
    • What is Holistic Management and should I use this method for successful planning?
    • And More!

There is no other resource, online or off, that will give you the extensive education you will find here to help with your grassfed cattle and grassfed beef education and training.​  This is THE BEST RESOURCE for the next step with grassfed beef and cattle after I have learned the basics.

I am committed to gathering and protecting the valuable information that we all need as we think about and get started in Grassfed Beef, multi-species and low input grazing systems to protect a way of life, the land and a healthy food source for our futures. 

​It is this commitment that caused me to start an annual conferences with Terry Gompert and others back in '09 that is still going today and to start this monthly training site in 2010.

I want you to have access to this valuable information so that you can have the on going tools that many others​ have not and do not have and hopefully save you some of the struggles that others had to work through.  Knowledge is the most valuable resource all of us will ever have and I want you to have this resource so I am offering access to this information for

30% Off 14 Trainings + 1 Bonus Training FREE

Below is a list of all of the trainings that you will have immediate access to when you purchase this "Getting Started" Guide.  You will be able to download the audio trainings or listen to them online at your leisure.  If you have questions along the way, we are happy to assist you by answering your questions or working with you on your project, whatever is needed.  This is our passion and we are happy to share it with you.

FREE Bonus Training with Steve Campbell

Everyone should know how to look at a live animal and be able to determine the Quality of the Meat.  This is a great training that you will use on a regular basis for as long as you are still working with cattle.  This is one of those trainings that you will need to listen to more than once.  You will not find this training any where else so get it here and use it to improve your herd and over all meat quality.  When you  have absord this training, you WILL be able to look at your cattle and know which ones have the genetic make up to produce high quality beef.

This is a Great continuation after the Getting Started Guide or if you are looking for some more advanced training.  Learning is the key to success and you will learn about genetics, sustainable practices, grazing techniques for success, behavior based management and a lot more.  Listen to each of these trainings over and over again.  Download these trainings and listen to them on the the go.  There is an old saying: the difference between us today and us tomorrow is the company we keep and the books you read.  In today's world the company we keep is still important and the training we put in equates to books of old.  The on going monthly membership is the best way to get your questions answered by each trainer so consider becoming a monthly member as well as benefiting from this training and we look forward to your feedback.