Ag Lease Basics with Dr. Damona Doye – November, 2016

Ag Lease Basics

​In this training we talk with Dr. Damona Doye about Ag Lease Basics. While every individual lease will be a little different depending on the circumstances, there are some basics that will help you in defining a good lease for both parties.  An agricultural lease is as unique as the land and individuals that come to an agreement, but there are a few questions we answer here:

  • Where do you look to find land for lease?
  • Do we really need a written lease, even with family?
  • How do we determine the terms of the lease:
    1. Type of payment
    2. Price
    3. Duration
    4. Who is responsible for what?

These are just some of the things you will learn in this Ag Lease Basics training with Dr. Damona Doye.  So you may be asking, who is Dr. Doye? 

Heard Enough and Ready To Listen Now

If not, keep on reading. 🙂

Dr. Doye is a farm management Extension economist, Regents Professor and Rainbolt Chair of Agricultural Finance at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Research and Extension topics include farm information systems, rental rates, land values, cost of production and risk management. She is co-leader of the OSU Master Cattleman Program and provides leadership for educational programs targeted to women in agriculture, including a statewide conference and Annie’s Project. Damona also currently serves as Vice-President of the International Farm Management Association and past Chair of the Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. In 1992, she lived in Poland while serving in the Polish/American Extension Project, a US AID project.

Damona was born and raised on a farm outside Lawton in southwest Oklahoma. Her parents remain active in farming, primarily cattle and wheat. One of her vocational agriculture instructors in high school encouraged her to go to college and took her to OSU to enroll. She enjoyed her Intro- to Agricultural Economics class so much that she switched to an Ag Econ major. She continued to graduate school and earned a Ph.D. at Iowa State while helping analyze alternative policies during the farm crisis. A retirement at OSU led to the opportunity for her to return home to work with farmers and ranchers. She enjoys the variety of work experiences that her job offers.

In her spare time, Damona enjoys meeting up with family, watching OSU sports, quilting, dancing, traveling, civic club and church activities, reading, cooking and a bit of gardening. She describes her recent expedition to Cuba is one of the more fascinating trips she has taken.

Here is the professional background for Dr. Doye.​

Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics Stillwater, OK


  •  Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, 1986, Iowa State University, with Statistics Minor
  •  M.S., Agricultural Economics, 1981, Oklahoma State University
  •  B.S., Agricultural Economics, 1980, Oklahoma State University

    University Appointments at Oklahoma State University

    • Rainbolt Chair of Agricultural Finance, July 1, 2014 to present; Acting Department Head, August 1, 2012- June 30, 2014; Sarkeys Distinguished Professor, October 2010 to June 30, 2014; Regents Professor and Extension Economist, June 2004 to present; Professor and Extension Economist, July, 1995 to June, 2004; also Intensive Financial Management and Planning Support (IFMAPS) Supervisor, 1997 to present; Associate Professor and Extension Economist, July, 1990 to July, 1995; Assistant Professor and Extension Economist, June, 1986 to July, 1990.

    Brief Description of Current Program

    • Develop and maintain educational materials and programs in farm management and agricultural finance for the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Provide support to area specialists and Extension Educators- Agriculture.


    Author or co-author of more than 550 publications on farm financial management, record-keeping, leasing, enterprise analysis, cost of production, integrated resource management and management information systems. Presentations at professional meetings include Invited Papers, Selected Papers, Selected Posters, plus Organized Symposia and Free Sessions. Recent peer-reviewed articles:

    • Brorsen, B.W., D. Doye, K.B. Neal. 2015. “Agricultural Land and the Small Parcel Premium Puzzle.” Land Economics. August.91(3):572-585.
    • Doye, D., R. Sahs, and S. Menefee. “ Evaluating the Opportunities to Begin a Cow-Calf Operation.” 20th International Farm Management Congress. Quebec City. July 2015.
    • Williams, B., K. Raper, E. DeVuyst, D. Peel, D. Lalman, C Richards and D. Doye. “Demographic Factors Affecting the Adoption of Value-Added Practices by Oklahoma Cow-Calf Producers.” Journal of Extension, 51:6. December 2013.
    • Doye, D. “Outreach Matters.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.45:3. August 2013.
    • Doye, D., D. Peel, R. Sahs, and E. DeVuyst. “Financing Herd Rebuilding Following the 2011 Drought.”

    Journal of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. 2013:19-38.

    • Varner, B., F. Epplin, D. Doye, R.Schatzer, and J. Edwards. Pasture rental rates for fall-winter grazing of winter wheat. Journal of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers 75(2012): 112-123.
    • Briggeman, B.C., J.D. Detre, N. Lansford, and D. Doye. “Experiential Learning on the Internet: A Case Study of the Internet Agricultural Bank Simulation Game.” NACTA Journal. June 2012.
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    • Guiling, P., D. Doye, and B.W. Brorsen. “Agricultural, Recreational and Urban Influences on Agricultural Land Prices.” Agricultural Finance Review. 69:2 (2009).
    • Guiling, P., B.W. Brorsen, and D. Doye. “Effects of Urban Proximity on Agricultural Land Values.” Land

    Economics. 85:2 (May 2009).

    • Guiling, P., D. Doye, and B.W. Brorsen. “Why Has the Price of Pasture Increased Relative to the Price of Cropland?” Journal of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. (2009).

    Grants and Contracts

    PI or co-PI on approximately $3.7 million of grant and contract funded projects, participant in an additional $1.9 million of grant funded projects from Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, USDA Risk Management Agency, USDA NRCS, USDA-Economic Research Service, SARE, USDA Extension Service, Southern Risk Management Education Center, Noble Foundation, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Polish American Extension Project, and other sources during career.

    Sites to which materials are contributed

    Recent Honors and Awards

    • SAEA Outstanding Extension Program Team Award. Oklahoma Quality Beef Network. 2015.
    • WAEA Distinguished Extension Program, Team. Oklahoma Quality Beef Network. 2014.
    • SAEA Lifetime Achievement Award. 2013.
    • SAEA Outstanding Extension Program Team Award. Drought Response Team. 2013.
    • OSU Sarkeys Distinguished Professor Award. 2012.
    • NACAA Regional Winner, Newsletter Team. 2012.
    • WAEA Distinguished Extension Program Award – Project. Master Cattleman. 2009.
    • SAEA Distinguished Extension Program Award – Master Cattleman. 2009.

    Recent University and Professional Service


    • International Farm Management Association, U.S. Vice-President, 2010-present


    • Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE), past chair, 2014-present; chair, 2011- 2013
    • American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) Director, 2007-2010
    • AAEA Outreach Committee, 2008-2012


    • Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) Past-President, 2007-08
    • North Central Farm Management Committee, past chair, 2007-08


    • Oklahoma Banker's Association Ag Committee, Advisor, 1999-present

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