Study: Grass-Fed Chickens Lay Healthier Eggs - ABC13

Have you ever thought about what the chicken you had for dinner ate itself? One Lynchburg research team has looked in to that.

A Randolph College biology professor and his team studied chickens that were organic, meaning no antibiotics and no drugs to name a few conditions.

For the experiment, the team fed some chickens free-range, meaning grass. Others standard chicken feed. Turns out, the grass-fed chickens laid healthier eggs - tougher shells and a yolk with better coloring.

A Randolph student came up with the idea.

"I believe her influence was just kind of wondering - now that people are going for free-range products - does it really make a difference if they are on a piece of concrete or a nice pasture with grass," said Adam Houlihan, an assistant professor of biology at Randolph College.

The study took all summer. Researchers say they did not study whether the free-range egg is healthier for your breakfast, but they believe it would be.


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