We Help You, The Grass Producer, Grow in Skill & Knowledge

Our Purpose

The Grassfed Network exists to promote the education of grass producers through monthly online trainings and the availability of interaction through the GFN site.


The Grassfed Network is designed to offer you, the producer, direct access to grass production resources.  We have a passion for sustainable agriculture & healthy food & want to see producers succeed!  Grass production is sustainable & profitable, so everyone wins.

We see the value of a multitude of counselors.  No one knows everything about forage, genetics or any other area related to the grassfed business.  We need each other.  As you know, it's not easy when you're the one swimming upstream.

We need the support of like minded producers around us & resources to turn to for information & advice.    That's what we're building inside the Grassfed Network.

We truly hope you will join us in this journey.

Joey & Faydra Jones


3 thoughts on “We Help You, The Grass Producer, Grow in Skill & Knowledge

  1. Elma Irene Garza

    To the Grassfed Network: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made these seminars a great success. It was well worth my trip up here to Nebraska, I would like to see some of these seminars closer to home(Texas). All of the speakers offered an enormous world of knowledge and I hope to use some of that knowledge at one time or another. Again, my sincere thank you and please keep up the great work. May God Bless you all!!!!! Elma

  2. JoanneHenderson


    We are in Georgia and are new at raising cattle. One of the questions we have now is when should we harvest our first steer? Since we are finishing on forage, this one steer is not too muscular. We think it is his genetics, rather than the feed, so we don’t really want to spend too much money on his feeding if he is not going to get much bigger. He is currently 15 months. Should we harvest him now or feed him until he is 2 years old before harvesting? Is there a good rule on this? I expect the meat to be more tender now, but we would get more lbs of meat if we waited. Would appreciate some insight on this.


    1. jtjones Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      It is rare that a grassfed animal is ready to slaughter at 15 months. There are animals that have been produced to finish quickly on grass but this is on purpose. Many people have resorted to hamburger steak because the animals are just not tender enough, meaning they grind the entire animal into ground beef. Feeding and finishing cattle on grass is not a quick process but well worth the effort. To really be able to answer your question though, I would need more information, maybe a picture of your animal, breed of animal and a little more about it’s lineage. If you will share these things then I will have a better idea and understanding to be able to answer your question.

      Here is a video we produced in answer to what an animal should look like when ready to slaughter or finished. http://www.grassfednetwork.com/grass-finished/

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