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  1. JoelBenavides

    Dear Joey.
    I am a mexican grass fed stocker producer. My mama cows are commercial crossbred and my bull are Devon and Red Brangus. Do you know honest companies or sellers of this stockers that can be interested to buy these stockers, or to buy finished steers, or to make a joint venture with us to sell these animals in the US. We dont put any vaccines, antibiotics, hormones or insectiicides to control any parasites. And also our pastures never receives any fertilizer or herbicede. We are improving our soils with high stock density planned grazing.
    Blessings. Joel.

  2. Elma IreneGarza

    Hello Joey, just a quick question on July’s no speaker, was there one at all? I did not see one at all for July 2012. Please let me know!!! Thank you Elma

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