Dr. Susan Duckett on Grass fed Beef – February 2013

Dr. Susan Duckett talks about Grass fed Beef

Research and Findings on Palatibility

duckettDr. Susan Duckett was raised on a farm in Iowa working with livestock her whole life.  After joining FFA in school she decided to make Animal Science her profession.  She received her B.S. from Iowa and her M.S. and PhD from Oklahoma State.  Her research program integrates ruminant nutrition and meat science to alter the fat composition of animal products by modifying management and nutrition of the animal.  The goal is to enhance anti-carcinogenic (cancer causing) and anti-atherogenic (arterial supporting) compounds in animal products to increase consumer acceptability and augment human health.  Dr. Duckett is also very involved in the study of grass fed beef for palatability and tenderness.  In this interview we talk about what her research has shown to be the best age for cattle slaughter for the best tenderness results.  Dr. Duckett is a huge supporter of grass fed beef and grass fed sheep and is a wealth of information.  You will get some great information from this interview with Dr. Susan Duckett.

Here is a video Dr. Duckett did on grass fed beef for Clemson University where she has been doing her research for a number of years.



Some of Dr. Ducketts Research Projects:

Research Publications

You will enjoy this months training with Dr. Susan Ducket and we look forward to your questions to get specific answers to your operation.

If you want to grassfed production research and palatibility findings, you need to hear this interview with Dr. Susan Duckett.

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