Gearld Fry – July 2010

In this month’s training we hear from cattleman/educator and North American Devon Association President, Gearld Fry. Gearld has studied from various people including Dr. Bonsma and Francois Guenon since the early ‘70’s to understand and teach about cattle body type and quality. Gearld has been teaching schools for producers all over the country for a number of years. Gearld has two schools coming up in the near future, the Stockman's School for Profit will be on Sept. 2 - 4, 2010 and The American Herbataurus Society presentation on Sept. 16 - 17, 2010. Information for both schools is available below. With Gearlds knowledge, he is an invaluable resource to any cattleman, especially those with a desire to participate in the Grassfed industry. If you have a desire to breed the best quality grassfed cattle with the best quality eating experience you can, you WILL learn many key points for your operation. Make sure to write your questions down as you listen to Gearld Fry of Bovine Engineering and Consulting.

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