Ian Mitchell-Innes – September 2010

Ian Mitchell-Innes lives in the beautiful area of South Africa, KwaZulu Natal on the N 11 between Ladysmith and Newcastle. Various forms of Holistic Management have been practiced on the Ranch for the past 13 years. Ian is an HMI Certified Educator, giving talks and training in many environmentally different areas. The ranch is 6,000 hectares (15,000 acres) and the home portion has been in the family since 1863. Since leaving school, Ian has been ranching, having tried many different crops and management styles on the ranch until learning about Holistic Management. High Density, Ultra-High Density Grazing and Planned Grazing are practiced on the Ranch so as to obtain improvement in soil life, which enables livestock to have good performance with minimal inputs. The sale of wild animals (game) is also practiced, as this diversity helps convert different levels of energy which are captured on the ranch.

Ian touches on many facets of ranching, including our environmental impact, carbon impact and much more. You will learn a variety of points from listening to Ian Mitchell-Innes.

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