Steve Campbell on How to Visually determine Meat Quality of Beef Cattle – May, 2014

Know The Best Cattle With Only A Visual Inspection

This month we hear from Steve Campbell.  In this training we talk about human health and how it relates to livestock health.  We cover a lot of ground, including "How to Visually tell Tender, Flavorful Beef on the Hoof."  Wouldn't you like to be able to walk through your herd and know, just by looking at them, which one's will produce gourmet beef?  In this training, although Steve is a grassfed beef guy and sells about 40 head a year of grass finished beef, the principles we discuss are for all cattle regardless of the finishing program.

​Much of the discussion revolves around visual inspection of beef cattle.  Steve gives a number of things to look for in the right cattle from size to visual indicators.  Here is an example of some of the topics Steve covers in this training.

Steve talks about a number of books that will help you in your operation.  Here is a list of the books and articles he mentions with links to buy them or download them, though some of these books are very rare and hard to find:

Robert Bakewell and the Longhorn Breed of Cattle by Pat Stanley

Reproduction and Animal Health by Charles Walters​ and Gearld Fry

Man Must Measure by Jan Bosma - this book is very rare

Grain Brain: The Suprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs and Sugar -- Your Brains Silent Killers by Dr. David Perlmutter

Vitamin K2: The Calcium Paradox by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue

Pottengers Prophecy by Gray Graham

Herd Bull Fertility by James Drayson

We Eat Clay and Wear It Too by Neal Bosshardt - link to pdf article

Minerals for the Genetic Code based on the works of Dr. Richard Olree by Charles Walters

Farmocology by Daphne Miller

Cows that Should Never be Sold by Gearld Fry - link to article on Gearld Fry's website

A Treatise on Milch Cows by Francis ​Guenon

So what is Steve's story?  How did he get to where he is now?  Steve has been around cattle in one capacity or another since the age of twelve. His Epiphany moment came in 1999 while recovering from a ranching injury.  The resulting refocusing of his energies into learning about soil, plant, animal and human health since that time have led him to some very old books; like minded thinkers and mentors; on farm experiments with soil fertility and to numerous speakers, farm visits and conferences over the past dozen years.

From the Weston A. Price philosophy for human health to Carey Reams and Maynard Murray for soils to Jerry Brunetti, Dr. Richard Olree, Gearld Fry and the teachings of numerous authors of yesteryear.  Steve has spent that period learning from these wise men (and women) to not only change his personal eating habits, but to extrapolate those learned principles of nature into his own farmland and animals and to help others make similar improvements on their farms and with their families health.

Steve has spoken one or more times at: The MOSES Conference (Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service), Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society, Red Devon USA, North American Devon Association, the American Herbataurus Society conference, 2014 Utah/Arizona grazing conference and was the keynote speaker at The 21st annual GrassWorks Grazing Conference in January of 2013.  Along with numerous farm consulting invitations across the country, Steve has done schools and presentations in conjunction with Gearld Fry.

Steve owns Tailor Made Cattle and Triangle C Beef which you can find at the following sites.

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