Brad Young – September 2011

In this month's training we talk with Brad Young, Rancher and Forage Specialist. This year is a terrible year for most of the US as far as feed production goes; both hay and feed prices are high now and will go higher this winter. Knowing what to do for your herd and planning for feed this winter and early spring next year is a challenge for many. In this months training, we talk with Brad about forage possibilities for extending your grazing season this year. Even in a drought area, we talk about how you can grow at least some forage for grazing your cattle on to reduce your dependency on hay this winter.

In the South, the heat and lack of rain for the central US has been unbelievable. There is currently no end in sight for the drought that is surpassing Dust Bowl days as one of the worst droughts on record. Brad has been in the forage seed and cover crop business for 16+ years and has far more knowledge and experience than most. He has ideas and strategies that can help your operation.

This month you will learn specific strategies and possible seed mixes that can help you extend your grazing season regardless of where you live. With proper use of planting strategies and proper seed mixes for your area discussed in this interview, you can have forage for your cattle to graze in as little at 60 - 90 days. You need to listen to this training, download it and take notes and be sure to write your questions in the comment section below for the question and answer later in the month. This is a training that has the ability to impact your operation this year, listen to it today!

You can reach Brad through his Prairie States Seed website for more information or to acquire the seed you need for your operation.

To learn more about extending your grazing season from a man that has been using and experimenting with his own advice for 16+ years, buy this training today. The increased grazing season will increase your bottom line this year.

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