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The only ongoing Monthly grass fed/grazing training on the Internet and because you are a follower of the Grassfed Network we are offering this 3 Day Special Offer.

Participate in the next years worth of trainings, listen to them online or download them and listen to them wherever you are whenever you want to.

Learn about grass fed production, grazing practices through genetics and much more.

We have started this year off with Genetics training, talking about the right kind of grass fed genetics to improve your production and revenue. As an additional bonus we will give you access to January's Part 1 training on Genetics for FREE so you don't miss out on any of this EXTREMELY valuable and available NO WHERE else information. (this is a $37 value bonus)

Regular Price = $324.00

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Only $18.90 month (billed Annually)

Buy Today! This Offer is Only Valid 2/6 - 9, 2014


Not ready to invest in a Years worth of education?

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