Kathy Voth – February 2012

In 2004, Kathy Voth invented a method for training cows to eat weeds.  She started by taking a close look at the last century of animal behavior research.  Then she took all the different pieces and translated them into an easy-to-understand process that adapts easily to any producer’s needs.  Kathy has now trained over 1000 cows to eat many of our most problematic weeds, adapting her process for small herds of 10 cows to as many as 110 pairs, for dry lot and pasture, and for novice and experienced producers.  She shares her training techniques on her website

Livestock for Landscapes and her Youtube channel, in her book "Cows Eat Weeds," and as a speaker at grazing and agriculture conferences nationwide (for her current schedule visit Kathy’s blog, The Tao of Cow).

Kathy's background includes 12 years with the Bureau of Land Management where she was known for coming up with unusual solutions for complex problems.  For example, when her community was suffering from an economic down turn she became one of two head volunteers building a mountain bike trail from Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah.  The result - today the Grand Valley is a mountain biking mecca with a healthier economy.  Her efforts earned her the Department of the Interiors’ National Conservation Service Award.  As the BLM's Science Liaison at Utah State University, she ran a 7 year research program on using goats to reduce fire danger in suburban areas and created a handbook describing how to manage goats to increase firefighter safety and save homes.  She also used her time at USU to develop a novel internship program to help students transition into agency employees, and Kathy was awarded the Bureau of Land Managements’s “Excellence in Environmental Education” award for her work.

In this interview, Kathy reveals her methods for training cattle to eat weeds with a step by step explanation.  You will learn why you want to train your cattle to eat weeds, is it safe to train your cattle to graze on weedsAre all weeds safe to graze?  We will answer that question in this training.  This is an excellent tool for grassfed cattle producers or anyone that is interested in reducing input costs.  This is a training that will make you money and save you time.  You will want to listen to this training today.

If you want to know how to teach your cattle to eat weeds, you need to own this interview with Kathy Voth.

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