Plan Your Pasture Watering System, June 2016

Pasture Watering System -

Everything You Need to Know

Dr. John Worley on pasture watering systemsThe first step in pasture planning is planning your pasture watering system.  There are a number of things to consider in planning your water points and we discuss the most important issues in this training with Dr. John Worley.

  • How do we determine how many watering points we need?
  • How far can we put the water from the cattle?
  • What do we do if the water is farther than it should be?
  • If we need to drill, how deep will we have to go in our area?
  • What difference does it make how deep the water is?
  • Does elevation of the land matter?
  • How much water do we need to plan for?
  • Do I need to manage natural watering points?

... and more are all covered in this training.  There isn't a rancher out there that doesn't need this information except those that already have it all figured out.

There are few issues more important than water to your livestock operation and few of us pay enough attention to anything more than is there water out there.  This training discusses how to plan your pasture watering system only.  Once you have planned your water I recommend you have your water tested to insure it is the quality you expect it to be and doesn't cause you problems down the road.

Dr. John Worley is Professor and Extension Engineer with the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia in 1973 and worked for Gold Kist, Inc. for nine years before returning to school and earning his M.S. from UGA and his Ph.D from Virginia Tech, both in Agricultural Engineering. He taught in the engineering program at UGA for eight years before joining Cooperative Extension in 1995. He specializes in agricultural structures, animal waste management, energy conservation, rural air quality, and electrical applications. He was the 2013 recipient of the Walter Bernard Hill Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Service which is considered the highest honor available in Outreach at the University of Georgia.

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