Rotational Grazing and more with Chip Hines – Dec 2014

​In this training we talk about rotational grazing, grazing management, how to buy the right bull and how we have gotten it so wrong in agriculture and a few more things. This is all from a life long, now retired, rancher turned author, Chip Hines.

Chip Hines was born and raised on a farm and ranch southwest of Burlington, Colorado. After high school he moved to the Kit Carson, Colorado area and worked on several ranches. In 1968 Chip and his wife Judy began leasing land and buying cows. Cattle and grass became a life-long endeavor. Chip is now retired but not out of the game entirely, having written three books on ranch management.

​The books Chip has written are on a number of subjects of interest to the a grass and livestock producers.  He has also written books of general interest with a keen eye to historical detail.  You will enjoy the read no matter what so here are links to the books if you are interested.

Chip has written a number of books
       "Time To Change"
       "How Did We Get It So Wrong"
       "A Slantwise Guide To Prosperity"
General Interest
       "A Old Cowboys Accumulations"
       "The Improbably Small Country Towns of the West"

Chip talks about some of the simple things in ranching and some that people have spent a life time trying to develop.

He talks about sitting with your cows and thinking about how it all works together, from the soil to the livestock and everything in between.  He talks about the important traits to select for when buying a bull

Mr. Hines uses what he calls, 'Slantwise Logic'.  Here is a Chip Hines slantwise quote:

"Nobody knows everything but everybody knows something that no one else knows."

Mr. Hines even talks about the best way to generate cash flow in a start-up operation.

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You can find Mr. Hines at his website, Chip Hines; there may be some items we did not touch on but I wouldn't beat on it. 🙂


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