Saturated Fat vs Trans Fat – June 2015

There has been a lot of reports, wrongly in my opinion, about how bad fat is for us and we should be eating a fat free diet.  I have never believed that but many people do.  In this study, which analysis the findings from a multitude of other studies, Dr. Richard de Souza and his collaborators evaluate the real effects of fat.  Is saturated fat bad for you? Are trans-fats bad for you?  What is a saturated fat? What is a trans-fat?  Should I be eating fat and what kind of fat?  Dr. de Souza answers all of these questions and more from his research.  Naturally, one should ask, who is Dr. Richard de Souza and should I be listening to him or not?

Dr. Richard de Souza is a registered dietitian and nutrition epidemiologist. His current research interests lie in advancing methodology for systematic reviews and meta-analysis and clinical trials in the field of nutrition, with an interest in the contribution of dietary patterns and macronutrients (specifically fructose, saturated and trans fats) to cardiovascular disease risk throughout the lifespan. He is a co-investigator on the INMD-funded Birth Cohort Alliance, which seeks to explore associations among maternal nutrition, infant feeding patterns, and epigenetic/epigenomic determinants of maternal and child health; and the Alliance for Health Hearts and Minds cohort examining neighborhood-level factors that contribute to cardiovascular risk. He is also interested in the reproducibility and validity of current methods of assessing nutrient intakes.

Dr. Richard de Souza, "I'd encourage people to focus on the whole diet"

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Areas of expertise:

Grassfed Ribeye

Grassfed Ribeye

* nutrition epidemiology

* clinical nutrition

* systematic reviews and meta-analyses

* design and analysis of randomized controlled trials of diet interventions

* dietary interventions for weight loss

* dietary interventions for cardiovascular risk reduction

* validation of dietary measurement instruments

Dr. Richard de Souza, "On the whole, our research supports the efforts to keep trans fats as low as possible."

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Harvard School of Public Health

Doctor of Science (Sc.D.), Nutritional Epidemiology

University of Toronto

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Nutritional Sciences

Ryerson University

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Food and Nutrition

Queen's University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Language and Literature

You will enjoy the information in this training and it is very important information which contradicts previously reported information in regard to fats.  You and your customers need to hear this information.

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