2012 DVD Set

The Grassfed Exchange September 2012 DVD Set


This is your opportunity to own this conference and get all of the great education from the Grassfed Exchange September 2012 Seminar. If you missed the event or where there and just need to be able to review the incredible information that was shared at the seminar, this is your opportunity. This year we brought the DVD production in house.  We had another impressive line up of speakers at this event: Dr. Garry Lacefield, Will Harris III of White Oak Pasture, Gabe Brown and Award winning Author of the book "Steak", Mark Schatzker a Producer Panel and more.

You will find that you watch this DVD set over and over again because of the incredible amount of information that was shared. We hear time and time again that there is more information than a person can take in, in one sitting. Owning this DVD set is the absolute best way to really learn all of the information that is shared and taught. If you want to improve your grazing ability; to lengthen your grazing season, learn about the process of producing your own product from farm to table including the processing, this DVD set needs to be in your Library. If you would like to own ALL or SEVERAL of these DVD sets (our February and/or October 2010, September 2011 seminars and September 2012), you will find a discounted price HERE.

This DVD set is MANY hours of training and has been produced in real-time and High Definition 720p.  Order your set Today!

8 DVD set Price


We charge a flat rate of $8 for shipping.


We had a lot of people asking for video recordings for The Grassfed Exchange Seminar's which where held on February & October 2010 & September 2011. All of the last three events have been held in Norfolk, NE & all events will have had some of the "who's who" of the grassfed industry in attendance.


I was told by some folks after the last event...


"This was (Sept 2011) the best event yet!"

"I don't know how we have been operating without this information!"

"Very Informative and I thought the speakers were Excellent!"

"Great seminar, Great location and Great Food!"

"Topics for the Speakers was good and timely."

"Hard to Improve!"


Folks said of our first event that the information shared at the event was...



"What an encouragement! My neighbors think I'm crazy!"

"Some of the best info I've ever heard at a grass conference."

"It was well worth my time & money!"


This event was packed with information from some of the most knowledgeable teachers in the Grassfed Industry. If you were with us or not, you will want if not need, to own this DVD set to review time and time again.


So, there ya have it... Order your DVDs Today!









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