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This is a special offer for the February and October 2010 as well as the September 2011 and September 2012 Grassfed Exchange events. We are offering you the chance to buy all 4 events at a reduced price. This is the only page where you can buy all events together or a combination of events for these reduced prices. Take advantage of this opportunity today.

If you are interested in just the February 2010 DVD or the October 2010 DVD or the September 2011 DVD or the September 2012 DVD set's by themselves; of course they are available too.

February 2010 - "Live Evaluation of Grassfed Genetics"

October 2010 - "Finishing Grassfed Beef in a Perfect Fashion"

September 2011 - "Grassfed Beef: The New Multi-Billion $$ Industry - Fueled by Demand and High Corn Prices"

September 2012 - "Capitalizing on the Grassfed Revolution: Maximizing Natural Resources - Unleashing your Inner Marketing Genius"

Choose the Combination that works Best for You

All of these sets are full of the "who's who" of the grassfed industry. You will have hours of training to go over again and again to help you in your grazing operation. The comments have been overwhelming!

To look at the details of the individual seminars, check the seminar pages on the
Exchange site for Feb. '10, Oct. '10, Sept. '11 and Sept. '12.


Own All 4 Sets (Feb. '10, Oct. '10, Sept. '11, Sept. '12)

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Folks said of our last event that the information shared at the event was...


"I don't know how we have been operating without this information!"


"What an encouragement! My neighbors think I'm crazy!"

"Some of the best info I've ever heard at a grass conference."

"It was well worth my time & money!"

"I have been to many events over the years an an Extension Agent. This one was the best I have ever been to!"


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February 2010, October 2010, September 2011 and September 2012 Dual Sets

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