Stan Baker – April 2011

In this months training we talk with Stan Baker, Criminologist/Financial Expert/Rancher. Mr. Baker comes to the ranching industry with a fresh perspective and businessman mindset. After getting his criminology degree and working for 10 years as a undercover narcotics officer, Mr. Baker decided he wanted to earn more money. He camped out at EF Hutton until they agreed to hire him and eventually he became a Vice President. He and three partners started their own firm to "do it better" and so they did. After selling his firm in 1996, Mr. Baker became and business broker, selling firms and portions of firms to other companies. In 1997 Mr. Baker and his wife took over ownership and management of a 27 section ranch in Western Nebraska and thus started his search and learning in the world of ranching. After finding Dave Pratt at Ranching for Profit to discuss management of the ranch and then taking the Ranching for Profit course, Mr. Baker was firmly on his way to trying to co-mingle his business mindset with a ranching operation. In this interview, Mr. Baker shares what he has learned after trying a variety of grazing practices and discovering that some pencil out well and produce a profit while others put you firmly in the red (losing money). You will learn from Mr. Bakers experience and discover what he has found to be not only profitable, but hugely beneficial to the land as he sees the Nebraska Sandhills rejuvenate to the splendor they had when they could support 30 million buffalo. If your goal is to keep consistent gains on cattle while grazing or to grass finish cattle or to raise grassfed beef or land restoration/land management/environmental restoration, this interview will benefit your operation.

With each training you, as a Grassfed Network member, have the opportunity to ask Stan Baker questions to be answered in the Q&A session recorded later in the month. Be sure to write your questions down in the comments section below or send them to me via email. The Q&A session with Stan Baker will be posted at the end of this month.

You can get access to this training only if you would like to cut your learning curve in your grazing practice. Mr. Baker has tried a number of different strategies in his grazing practice and shares what worked and what hasn't worked. You will learn a lot from these two trainings.

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