Carbon Sequestration

Whether you are a grazer or not, you have probably heard the recent debate over methane and carbon release into the atmosphere. Carbon, the odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that we exhale as we breath is generated in many ways other than just by people. For me, the question is, "What happens to that carbon, where does it go?" In a ideal world, it is sequestered in the ground, the soil that we have seemingly so rapidly lost. So then the question becomes, "Can we rebuild the soil?" In this article by Dr. Christine Jones, we find evidence that it is not only possible, but we can have a tremendous impact on our environment and our world with proper land management through controlled grazing. If you are interested in carbon there is a new magazine that will shortly be released called Carbon Farmer, if you are not already on our mailing list, by joining you will be able to be notified when it does debut. Dr. Jones is on the cover of the first upcoming issue as you can see. You will find this article very interesting and enlightening, especially if you are a grazier.

You will find Dr. Jones article with the pdf download.

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