Sabino Cortez – October 2011 – Private

Sabino Cortez is one of the nation's leading authorities on organic gardening, organic crop production, composting, native grasses, and compost tea. Sabino consults with farmers and ranchers the world over, from the Rio Grande Valley to New Zealand, about organic agricultural production. He is responsible for developing many innovative ideas and products that transcend the line between agricultural production and home gardening. Many of Sabino’s advancements have been utilized in the manufacturing of products for the retail market, by his company Erath Earth based outside of Hico, TX.

Sabino grew up in Kerrville, TX where his father was an avid gardener. He also spent time with his grandfather during the summer on the family farm in Mexico. This exposure sparked his interest in agriculture and soon Sabino was studying Plant and Soil Science at Tarlton State University in Stephenville. During the late 80’s he invented a patented process for making hydro compost. This patented process would eventually evolve into a method for large scale compost tea production. In the early 90’s Sabino, with his partner Malcolm Beck founder of Garden-Ville in San Antonio, TX, created some of the first herbicides and insecticides available to the organic gardener.

For the last 4 years, Sabino has been partnering with some ranchers and studying a grazing model called Serengeti Grazing. They have had some very interesting findings that can be used in most any grassfed operation. What is truly amazing is that Sabino and his partners have been able to leave 60 head of Devon cattle on 6 acres for 4 months with no rotation during the 2011 Texas drought in central Texas and the animals look great! If you are interested in improving your carrying capacity, grazing efficiency or just learn about how to make compost tea and use compost tea; you will want to watch these video's or listen to the mp3 audio file of the Grassfed Network trainings by Sabino Cortez.

This month's videos can change your operation immensely. To access this month's training only, simply click the buy button below for immediate access.

This month will be our first video training since the inception of the Network. The video is done outside and while moving to various areas of a pasture so please, as mentioned in the video, pardon the wind noise. I did my best to edit the video and remove as much wind noise as I could. I will continue to learn more about this process and Lord willing, improve on the next video we have the opportunity to do.

You can read an article that was published in Acre's USA by Sabino Cortez HERE.



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