Doug Gunnink – May 2010

We are very excited to bring to you Doug Gunnink. Doug is a forage expert and has done much training on the subject through his institute, Gunnink Forage Institute. He is a long time “whole farm management” consultant from Minnesota. Along with his wife, Janet, and their two sons Zach and Andy, they raise organic grass finished beef on 170 acres of land near Gaylord, Minnesota. After several years of searching and researching the often asked question, “What does it take to raise choice grass finished beef?”, he started the ‘Gunnink Forage Institute’. His goal is to teach others how to raise high quality grass for both grass finished beef and dairy. Previously, he founded the Minnesota Intensive Graziers’ Groups and for many years coordinated the Minnesota Grazing Conference. If your operation would benefit from a consultant, consider giving Doug Gunnink a call or email him at dgunnink at

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