Grassfed Beef on the Rise in Las Vegas Steak Houses

This is an excerpt from an article on Forbes.

"... At TENDER steak & seafood Executive Chef K.C. Fazel’s menu showcases sustainable, small farm and seasonally procured ingredients. Fazel expanded upon the trend, “I’ve seen a great rise in demand for grass-fed meats. Steaks that are grass-fed have lower fat content providing a healthy alternative to traditional beef and are more sustainable for our eco-conscious guests. For foodies, grass-fed meats deliver distinctive flavors as you can actually get a taste of the animal’s natural environment. At TENDER, we provide grass-fed beef selections from all over the world in addition to traditional beef so guests have the opportunity to experience a diversity of flavors.”fix-steak-sized

Not all beef has to be the most exciting cut – chefs are now tenderizing less glamorous butcher’s cuts.  Brian Massie, Executive Chef of The Light Group explained what he is doing at FIX Restaurant & Bar.   “One trend that we’re experimenting with at FIX at Bellagio is taking what’s been traditionally regarded as less glamorous butcher’s cuts’ of beef – such as flat irons, hanger steaks and non-traditional sirloins – and using special techniques like cold-smoking, 24-hour brining, dry-rubbing and sous vide, to name a few, to create surprisingly tender, incredibly flavorful steaks. This has been a popular trend in other foodie cities for some time now and I’m excited to see Las Vegas embrace it, as it really allows a chef to showcase their skill.” ..."

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As a grassfed beef producer, what does this tell us?  To me, it tells us that as producers we have a growing market in restaurants.  The second paragraph tells us that we need to be introducing different cuts to our current and potential restaurant clients.  The opportunities for grassfed beef are growing which is to be expected with a growing consumer demand for the product.  Remember you are producing NOT livestock but food that will one day be on someone's table, treat it as such.

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  1. Jerry

    As a Las Vegas resident I can vouch for the increase of both the awareness of the benefits of consuming grass fed beef over grain fed and also have seen a significant increase in restaurants who now not only serve grass fed beef but market that they serve grass feed beef.

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