State of The Beef Industry & Grassfed Beef Industry

State of The Beef Industry from Grassfed Beef to Conventional - In Argentina and Abroad

Grass Finished Beef

This is an example of what cattle should look like that are grass finished and ready for harvest.

This is a FREE segment of a training with Dr. Anibal Pordomingo.  In this segment Dr. Pordomingo talks about the conventional beef industry as well as the grassfed beef industry in Argentina and how both have or could have an impact on the rest of the worlds beef industry.  The rest of this training, which you can follow this link to;  covers properly grass finished cattle, what a grass finished beef looks like, the 'right' grassfed genetics and how to use EPD's to your advantage in grassfed production.  I know you will enjoy this free segment of the training with Dr. Anibal Pordomingo.

​To hear the rest of this training on the beef and grassfed industry, click HERE to go to Dr. Anibal Pordomingo's training page. Once you are there click the PayPal button to purchase immediate access. We also invite you to join the Network to get the on going monthly training's. We look forward to seeing you as a regular Member and contributor of the Network.

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