Dr. Jason Rowntree Low-Input, Low-Cost Beef Production- October 2012

Low-Input, Low-Cost Beef Production

Dr. Jason Rowntree imageDr. Jason Rowntrees' objective is to develop low-cost, low-input beef production systems for the Upper Great Lakes.  As Faculty Coordinator of Lake City AgBio Research Center, his research and extension focuses on forage utilization of grazing beef cattle, extending the grazing season and forage-finishing.  Another facet of their work is to improve economics of small and medium size beef producers through local and regional beef production and distribution system development.  Lake City consists of 180 Red Angus breeding age females, 500 graze-able acres including 64 of which are equipped with K-Line irrigation.
Dr. Rowntree received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and his Masters at Mississippi State University and his Doctorate at Michigan State University.  He spent 6 years working at Louisiana State University before joining the team at Michigan State University.  In developing the system they now operate at MSU, Dr. Rowntree brought in grassfed cattle and genetics from the 5L Ranch in Montona, Pharo Cattle Company in Colorado and Diamond D Angus in Montana.

Dr. Rowntree shares in this interview the process he went through to research and create the program and the goals of the program. Be sure to listen to this interview today.


If you really want to learn more about the various research that Dr. Rowntree is conducting from grazing trials to low-input production models, you need to hear this interview!

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