Ranch Financial Basics – October, 2016

Financial Basics for Ranchers and Farmers

Ranch financial basics and farm financial basics are the basis for a successful operation.  This training is with Kirk Gadzia who has been teaching this subject for over 30 years.  If you are the best grazer or grower possible, you still cannot succeed without getting this part of your business right.  Ranch financial basics for most of use (I have to confess I like numbers) is not a fun thing to deal with or look at.  If you feel that way, what you will find is that after you get the numbers in order, they are, maybe not fun, but at least you won't mind and will actually rely on them your decision making processes.

This training is not about accounting, anyone can hire an accountant.  This training is about all the rest of the financial basic aspects of your business, get this wrong and your business will suffer if not fail.  This is training that every producer needs to have and Mr. Gadzia is the guy to help you with that.  That being said, this is a primer, not the whole course.  With this training you will have an excellent start and you will be able to decide from here if you want more in-depth training either with Mr. Gadzia or online with HMI, with us here at the Network or somewhere else.  So why is Kirk Gadzia the right guy to do this training?

Kirk Gadzia owns and operates Resource Management Services, a training and consulting firm located in Bernalillo, NM. He is a certified Educator with Holistic Management International. Mr. Gadzia has over 30 years’ experience teaching the concepts of Holistic Management and has taught over 500 Holistic Management training seminars and workshops internationally.

The focus of his work is a holistic approach to agriculture and life, whereby land, animals, crops, wildlife and other resources are planned into the operation and financial picture. The model for making this work is mimicking natural systems and balancing life style with long and short term goals. The decision making processed used to achieve this balance is called Holistic Management.

Kirk works directly with producers to achieve profitability in their operations. He has extensive international consulting experience with many large ranching and agricultural operations throughout the United States and overseas. In addition, Kirk also provides customized training and consulting to a wide variety of public and private business and conservation organizations. Kirk is co-author of the National Academy of Science 1994 publication entitled Rangeland Health, and is working to improve rangeland health monitoring techniques in a wide variety of environments.

Years of assisting people on the land helps Kirk approach the course in an interactive, hands-on style. His courses are known for their relaxed atmosphere, open dialogue and practical real-life examples. He is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your own distinctive learning objectives.

​We are taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge and offering you this training in the comfort of your home, truck or tractor.  Mr. Gadzia also provides a number of different worksheets he walks through and for you to use to get started organizing your ranch financial basics. Subscribe and listen today.

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