Grassfed Getting Started Guide

Grassfed Cattle Getting Started Guide

Have you been looking for the answers to some of these questions?

    • What kind of cattle are the right kind for grassfed beef?
    • How do I raise multi-species on pasture?
    • How do I make sure my cattle are grass finished properly?
    • How do I handle cattle?
    • Should I really consider grassfed beef or multi-species production?
    • Can I improve my pastures?
    • How do I plan for production, grazing, finances and everything involved in grassfed production?
    • How and where do I get my animals processed (killed and cut into usable pieces)?
    • Can I and if so, how do I improve my soil content and quantity?

There is no other resource, online or off, that will give you the extensive education you will find here to help with your grassfed cattle and grassfed beef education and training.​  This is THE BEST RESOURCE for getting started with grassfed beef and cattle.

I am committed to gathering and protecting the valuable information that we all need as we think about and get started in Grassfed Beef, multi-species and low input grazing systems to protect a way of life, the land and a healthy food source for our futures. 

​It is this commitment that caused me to start an annual conferences with Terry Gompert and others back in '09 that is still going today and to start this monthly training site in 2010.

I want you to have access to this valuable information so that you can have the head start many others​ did not have and hopefully save you some of the struggles that others had to work through.  Knowledge is the most valuable resource all of us will ever have and I want you to have this resource so I am offering access to this information for

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What Others are Saying about The Training Series

And Note - You do a good hosting job and ask the right questions.

B Parke

And thanks for getting the "Getting Started" & "Now What" series recorded and organized. It's a great resource for someone like myself with little to no experience; I appreciate your efforts.

B Beard

Below is a list of all of the trainings that you will have immediate access to when you purchase this "Getting Started" Guide.  You will be able to download the audio trainings or listen to them online at your leisure.  If you have questions along the way, we are happy to assist you by answering your questions or working with you on your project, whatever is needed.  This is our passion and we are happy to share it with you.

FREE Bonus Training with Dr. Anibal Pordomingo

The training with Dr. Anibal Pordomingo for March 2014 is ready for you to listen to.  This is a great training that will help you in selecting the right kind of animals and determine where you should be in your production, I really feel you need this training.  You DO NOT want to miss this training.  In this training Dr. Pordomingo goes through an EXCELLENT EPD primer that will be very helpful to you.

These trainers are an Excellent start to developing and learning about sustainable, pasture based, grassfed production. The next step in the process is the follow-up series "Moving on to Stage Two". In the next series you will learn even more about implementing what you have learned in the "Getting Started Guide" as well as some more advanced tools and concepts.  Feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions.

The on going monthly membership is an EXCELLENT way to get your questions answered by each trainer so consider becoming a monthly member as well and we look forward to your feedback.