Allan Nation – May 2011

Allan Nation has been the editor of The Stockman Grass Farmer magazine since 1977. Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, The Stockman Grass Farmer is an international publication that covers management-intensive grassland enterprises for producers of pasture-raised livestock. This includes stocker cattle, grass finished beef and lamb, and pasture-based dairying. Currently it is the only monthly publication in North America devoted solely to management-intensive grassland farming in all its aspects.

The son of a commercial cattle rancher, Nation grew up in Greenville, Mississippi. He has traveled to some 30 countries around the world studying and photographing grassland farming systems. In 1987, he authored a section on Management-intensive Grazing in the USDA Yearbook of Agriculture and has served as a consultant and resource for Audubon Society Television Specials, National Geographic, WTBS, PBS, and National Public Radio. He received the 1993 Agricultural Conservation Award from the American Farmland Trust for spearheading the drive behind the grass farming revolution in the United States.

Nation has been a featured speaker at the American Forage and Grasslands Conference (twice), the International Ranching for Profit Conference (twice), the Irish Grasslands Conference, the British Large Herds Conference, the New Zealand Large Herds Conference, the British Grasslands Conference, the Mexican Cattlemen’s Association, and the Argentine Agronomy Society. He also delivered the closing remarks at the International Grasslands Conference is Saskatoon, Canada.

He is the author of Pa$ture Profit$ with Stocker Cattle, Quality Pasture, Farm Fresh, Knowledge Rich Ranching, Grassfed to Finish, and Land, Livestock and Life among other titles on pasture-based livestock and artisan meats and milk products. His latest book is Moving Feast, A cultural history of heritage foods in southeast Mississippi.

He lives with his wife, Carolyn, who is also an author, in Southeast Mississippi.

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