Grass fed Finishing Decision Calculator

Grass fed Finishing Decision Calculator


The purpose of the calculator is to allow individual producers to run a variety of scenarios concerning costs of grass fed beef finishing and to provide estimated returns based on those costs.

All blue cells are data entry cells. Numbers can be changed and entered to reflect individual producer actual costs.

All original data points (numbers) entered into the Feeder to Finish Calculator reflect current grass fed sector averages (as of 5/13). You can enter in numbers that are specific to your individual operation to both provide a comparison and to determine specific potential returns for your operation.

This version of the Feeder to Finish Calculator does not provide estimates of opportunity cost or interest cost. For those who want to examine opportunity costs and look at impact of interest costs a more detailed version will be available soon.



This calculator is a part of the discussion and programs created by The Pasture Project.

Calculator created by Dr. Allen Williams.

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