Direct Marketing Panel – September 2015

Direct Marketing Producer Panel

This training is a panel of producers that have been doing direct marketing for a number of years.  If you are direct marketing or want to direct market, you will learn a lot from these 4 producers on this panel from a conference event.  The four producers are in order on the panel:

Bob Bernt

Direct Marketing expert, Bob Bernt

Bob has been direct marketing grassfed milk, cheese, butter and beef.  His place is in organic production and certified.  He is also a multi-species producer raising goats, poultry and hogs.  He has been direct marketing since 2006.

Luke Jacobson

Direct Marketing expert Luke Jacobson

Luke has been in grassfed beef direct marketing since 2007. Living in one of the most productive counties for crops in Nebraska, Luke also raises corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Will Harris, III

Direct Marketing Expert, Will Harris III

Will Harris, III and White Oak Pastures were in grassfed beef, goats, sheep, poultry and hog direct marketing a couple of generations back and now that again direct market all but hogs.  Will's perspective is a unique one with his multi-generational take on production and marketing.

Jim Ball

Direct Marketing expert Jim Ball

Jim has been in agriculture his whole life and turned to direct marketing of grassfed beef in 2004 with his son Torrey. They saw and have proved that their cow calf operation that prior to 2004 could only support one family can now support all the family that wants to be involved.  For the Ball family, grassfed beef direct marketing has been the key to growth and sustainability.

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