Edward Ballard – December 2011

Edward N. Ballard, Retired

Animal Systems Educator
University of Illinois Extension

Edward N. Ballard, Retired Animal Systems Educator, University of Illinois Extension. B.S. Agriculture Economics, Southern Illinois University, M.S. Agricultural Extension, University of Illinois. Ed is an animal systems educator who works with producers and industry groups to enhance farm profitability and sustainability. His areas of specialization include forages and grazing management, nutrition, environmental management, animal care and behavior, fences, energy conservation, nutrient management and economics.

Ed has taught over 250 Management Intensive Grazing Schools for Illinois producers. Ed is co-author of the Illinois Grazing Handbook, and National Extended Grazing Publications. Ed has made grazing presentations at the Ohio Forage Council, Western Ohio Grazing School, The Ohio State Extended Grazing Conference, Heart of America Grazing Conferences, Great Lakes International Grazing Conference, University of Kentucky Grazing School, 3 times, 2nd National Grassland Grazing Conference, Nashville, TN, 3rd National Grazing Conference, St. Louis, MO, Wisconsin Grazing Conference, Missouri Grazing Conference, Missouri Livestock Symposium and Michigan Forage Council.

Ed coordinated the forage and grazing research and demonstration projects for the University of Illinois Animal Systems team. He represents the University of Illinois on the Great Lakes Grazing Council and the Illinois Grasslands Conservation Initiative Committee.

Ed has received a number of awards during his career. In 2007 Ed was honored with the Charles B. Shuman Distinguished Service Award from the Illinois Farm Bureau for his service to the agricultural community.

He currently serves as liaison and farm manager for the University of Illinois Dudley Smith Research Farm.

In preparing to talk with Mr. Ballard I came across a few articles that you will find useful and Mr. Ballard was kind enough to give us a couple more articles so there is plenty of supporting information for what Mr. Ballard is sharing with us in this interview. All the articles are linked below the interview with Mr. Ballard.

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