Grassfed Beef Producer Panel – January 2016

Producer Panel

This month we have a producer panel presented at a grassfed beef conference.  Some of these producers are not using the grassfed model and some are with one moving in that direction.  You get to hear pertinent questions and answers from these folks that have boots on the ground doing what you are doing or considering doing.  These are not professional speakers and they don't have planed presentations, this is a question and answer to find out things like:

  • What is your production model and how does it make you money?
  • Are you using a larger animal or a smaller animal and why?
  • What is your end product and what got you to that?
  • Is there a difference between low cost and low cost of production?
  • Have you been able to get to a scale of production that reduces your cost by spreading it across your production model?
  • And of course more.

Who is on this panel and answering these questions?

The conversation is moderated by Thousand Hills Cattle Company partner Todd Churchill.

Randall Shinn, NE

Grassfed Beef Producer Randall Shinn

Randall and his partners are working towards grassfed beef production but currently selling 8-9 weight yearling steers. Their steers are raised to be grassfed or short-term feedlot production animals.

Brian Beussing, KS

Grassfed Beef Producer Brian Beussing

Brian and his family live in NE Kansas working in grassfed beef for approximately 6 years. He grew up on a conventional farm. He is currently selling grass finished beef to grassfed buyers as well as commercial cattle.

Blaine Hitzfield, IN

Grassfed Beef Producer Blaine Hitzfield

Blaine is one of the 7 Sons which is the production arm of a large direct marketing company, Honored Prairie, in NE Indiana selling multi-species and multi-products direct to coops.

Torrey Ball, KS

Grassfed Beef Producer Torrey Ball

Torrey is a Central Kansas grassfed beef producer focused on direct marketing. They currently sell grassfed beef direct to consumers and direct to butcher shops in Witchita, KS.

Chad Peterson, NE

Grassfed Beef Producer Blaine Hitzfield

Chad is a Nebraska Sand Hills producer that has switched from goats to buffalo to Highland cattle. He is currently selling most livestock as a 400 - 450 lb calf conventionally at the sale barn.

This is the type if information that helps us all make better decisions, understanding the path others have taken, what worked for them and what didn't.  You will get a lot from this training of Beef Producers, some using a grassfed beef production model and others using the conventional production model.

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