Mobile Slaughter Units with Bruce Dunlop – March 2015

Bruce Dunlop and lamb

In this months training we talk with Bruce Dunlop of Lopez Island Farm.  Bruce has been involved in the design and development of 22 mobile slaughter units to date.  With almost 20 years of mobile processing experience and a degree in Chemical Engineering, Bruce knows what he is talking about.

At Lopez Island Farm they were looking for a better way to process their pastured pork and grassfed lamb 20 years ago and that is when the mobile slaughter unit research started. Now, twenty years later Bruce has been involved in putting units around the world in places like Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, around the US and other places. 

I have always said that processing is the fly in the ointment for producers that want to direct market.  As small processors are closing around the US, producers options are getting more and more limited.  Do you have a processor you trust?  Have you taken in an animal and wondered if you got all of your animal back or worse, was what you got even your animal?  Is it a long road trip to the processor for you?  These are all reasons to look for other options and a mobile processing unit may be the answer for you.  Listening to this training will help you understand the ins and outs of mobile processing and help you determine if this is an option for you to seriously consider.

Here is a mobile processing unit in action.


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